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NH Constitution: Article 83

Article 83 of the NH Constitution addresses literature & the arts in education (as well as corporations, trade, monopolies & other items).   This comics adaptation presents the first half of the article.  Please post it in your classroom, & share it with your friends & state legislators!
See also: Full text of HB 39, which in 2011 attempted to REMOVE arts & other subjects from the required public school curriculum!)

Downloads: ~ small JPG (online use) ~ large JPG (online or print use) ~ Fullsize PDF (print use)

NOTE: Permission is granted to distribute these comics for educational & advocacy purposes, as long as you maintain the copyright notice & credit Marek Bennett, with a link to www.marekbennett.com from any online use.


Here’s a text-only version of the poster.  (Try posting it near the comics version, and see which one attracts more readers!):

 [PDF version of text-only poster]

INTRO STRIP – A little background.
Downloads: small JPEG (online use) | large JPEG (print @ 8.5″x11″)


One Comment on “NH Constitution: Article 83”

  1. […] PRINTABLE PDFs & background info @ COMICS WORKSHOP ~ I drew this comics version in 2011, in reaction to a House Bill introduced in the state legislature that attempted to remove arts & other essential subjects from the required curriculum for public schools. […]

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