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Comics Camp 2011 at The Orchard School

The Orchard School hosted its 11th annual Comics Camp last week!

New mini-comics by campers include:

  • The Almost Complete History of World War II, Vol. I by Jake
  • The Being from Alpha-Delta 13 by Aiden
  • Blob by Camden
  • The Dumb Mr. Snail by Mason Lantz
  • Eggs ‘n’ Maggots by Marek
  • The Escape of the Titan: The Greeks Fight Back by Jeremiah
  • The Escape from the Frying Pan by Lauren
  • The Funny Shape Trio by Juanette
  • Harry the Gravestone and the Battle of the Fire Melons by Eli
  • Hero of the Realm Vol. II by August
  • Hoo-Hoo the Owl by Kayla
  • Light VS Dark by Jared
  • The Lost Robot by Graham
  • Mind Baby by Brendan
  • The Pegicorn and the Ninja Mushroom King by Sam
  • Percy Mushroom and the Lightning Thief by Austin
  • The Robot Ninja by Mario
  • Spooky the Lonely Ghost by S. Joy
  • Super Dudlizza: Super Dudlizza is So Awesome! He Rocks! by Ben
  • Timmy the Square by Alex
  • …and many, many more (not yet drawn but definitely in the works)!

We’ll post some samples eventually… hopefully.   Stay tuned!


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