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ELL Comics: Holidays Around the World

Adult ELL students in a NH classroom recently spent a COMICS WORKSHOP drawing short stories about holidays in their countries of origin… The comics format gave them a chance to sequence out their ideas and share some of their culture with the class, even at a very basic level of English language experience.
Click to view each file:


One Comment on “ELL Comics: Holidays Around the World”

  1. Another medium to help students express themselves through comic strips is MakeBeliefsComix.com. Students can create their own comic strips online, print and email them to others. The free educational site offers 100 diverse characters with different emotions to choose from, blank talk and thought balloons to fill in with text, story prompts and printables. MakeBeliefsComix is now used by educators in more than 180 countries to teach English, writing and reading and was cited by UNESCO and Google as among the world’s most innovative sites to encourage literacy and reading. Hope you’ll try it out with your students.
    Bill Zimmerman
    Creator, MakeBeliefsComix.com

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