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Northwood, NH: CLiF Author Visit

Here are some images from a recent CLiF Author Visit to Northwood School:

Kindergarteners learn the basics of creative autobiography in comics.

A special break-out character design drawing session meets in the library around lunchtime...

Between assemblies, COMICS WORKSHOP visits a first-year Spanish class for a Spanish-language presentation of comics by students in Nicaragua.

At the end of the day, a kindergarten teacher showed me some interesting comics pages her students had pencilled after the presentations.  Take a look at how these kids are using word-play…

And slow multi-panel zooms, from outside the house, into the christmas tree, and ultimately up the a single present (all the while controlling level of detail and showing emotional significance through anthropomorphizing inanimate objects)…

And then this one, which pulls together several techniques we discussed in our presentation, and ends with a beautiful moment of retrospection, and the main character turns to look back at the house…

Thanks to CLiF and all the teachers of the Northwood School for making this possible!


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