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Multiple Intelligences & Comics Education (Online + Printable)

HI — I no longer update this page ~ but “MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES in COMICS ED” is available at my NEW COMICS WORKSHOP site HERE >>… ~ Marek


15 Comments on “Multiple Intelligences & Comics Education (Online + Printable)”

  1. […] Read the full 6-page essay (8.5″x11″ printable PDF) >> Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  2. lori bjork says:

    I love your posters. I will be using these in my el ed methods course when I lecture about learning styles and the theory of multiple intelligences. Thanks. Lori

  3. Putting them on my Blog and will be using them to raise student awareness of how they learn, thanks… from a visual teacher : )

  4. Love your posters! I am pinning them to my pinterest page http://pinterest.com/tirp9999/gifted-and-talented-teaching-ideas-k-8/ and will reference them in a blog post presentlygifted.org

  5. […] Educators are likely to recognize a lot of Marek’s work (Click for more). […]

  6. […] This cartoon by Melissa McHugh describes the ways drawing comics engages all of Gardner’s identified intelligences, but I think it can apply to art in general too. It’s part of a longer series about education and comics you can read here. […]

  7. Lana says:

    hi! I do hope you still remember me. I had the video made. You can see the video at the Smart Tinker blog

    I just used the first 3 pages since the video is already 5 minutes long.

    Thanks again for allowing me to use this!

  8. Hello, I’ve been working with MI for more than 10 years I have a presentation in Japan in April and I would like to use some of your posters. Would you like me to say anything to them when I present some of your work in front of Japanese teachers?

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