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Comics Camp 2012 @ Currier Art Museum

Today’s Currier Art Center Comics Convention at the Currier Museum marked the official close of the 2012 Summer COMICS CAMP season!


Students worked hard all week to create, refine, and publish original mini-comics, which we then distributed to friends, family members, and pleasantly surprised museum visitors on Friday afternoon.


The list of fine new MINI-COMICS we published includes:

  • Angel Experiment by Coryn
  • Around the Worlds in 80 Minutes by Michael M.
  • Bark! by Amber
  • Bee-zilla by Joshua W.
  • Bubbles! by Maggie
  • Bug Man 1 & 2 by Jake
  • The Chase by Noah
  • Clash by Henry
  • The Eyes of Darkness by Michael
  • The Forbidden Art by Katie
  • Nightwatch #1 by Nate
  • Ninja Bunny Apocalypse by Owen & Justin
  • Super Doughnut by Calvin
  • Target Confirmed by Rosie
  • What I Drew Over Summer Vacation by Marek
  • Woof and Meow! (Volumes 1 + 2) by Joshua R.
  • &c., &c. …

2 Comments on “Comics Camp 2012 @ Currier Art Museum”

  1. Comics says:

    its really inspiring. great stuff.

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