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Professional Practices @ Center for Cartoon Studies

Here are a few links to stories & ideas for today’s Professional Practices class at CCS; since we all have artwork to do, I’m focusing on audio links that you can listen to WHILE you draw: 

  • NPR:
    Give And Take: How The Rule Of Reciprocation Binds Us
    ~ (This story just came out today!)  Listen to this with your COMICS business practice plan in mind…
    What models do YOU use outside the conventional retail model?

  • Camille Paglia on “Seminal Images” (WBRU’s On Point)

    “Camille Paglia is looking at what we see.  What we look at these days.  A flood of pixels.  Facebook photo albums.  A jittery dollhouse of You Tube fancy.  And precious little real visual art.  In a sea of images we are losing our connection, she says, to the great messages of art.  Its wisdom.  Its insight.  Its glory. …”

    ~ This discussion really got me fired up. How do our images & stories connect to this shared human heritage of THE IMAGE? Note also the ATTENTION+AWARENESS connections with the following item:

  • U.S. Creativity in Question
     (WBRU’s On Point)

    For the first time, Americans kids are losing their once-famous creative edge, new research says. We look at the trend and how to fix it.

    ~ Listen to this with your own cartooning and/or teaching practice in mind — How do COMICS teach creativity, attention, endurance, discipline, &c.?

  • Also, here’s one of my favorite Inkstuds interviews — with
    E. Guibert (artist of one of my favorite graphic novels, The Photographer), all about the adventure of collaborating with others in cartooning those hard-to-get stories!

(I might add some more links here after class…)


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