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Open Studio + Workshops @ Hopkinton Town Library

Thanks to Hopkinton Town Library for hosting our Open Studio + Workshop day last weekend:


ABOVE: Participants of all ages worked from letters written by Burleigh K. Jones during the 1850s and 1860s… (letters courtesy of the collections at Hopkinton Historical Society)

20130323_133310-Photo=HMitchell-Small 20130323_133139-Photo=HMitchell-Small

ABOVE: Marek introduced some basic comics concepts & techniques, and then each artist came up with an original way to draw Burleigh’s humorous and exciting accounts…


ABOVE: We also practiced receiving feedback on our penciled drafts & revising our comics during the inking phase.

Completed pages appear on www.LiveFreeAndDraw.com here:


2 Comments on “Open Studio + Workshops @ Hopkinton Town Library”

  1. beatrix mana says:

    That is exciting. We live in a rural small town here Ky. And we have just built a million dollar library. It is nice but quite empty. Too bad we do not have someone like you to spark some energy.

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