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Lisbon, NH: CLiF Residency

Here are some student comics from a recent CLiF residency for “Year of the Book” at Lisbon, NH; you’ll notice all our pages use the 3-panel “Scene-Action-Result” layout:


Of course we had our share of monster and super-hero stories:

DSCF8123-W=800 DSCF8113-W=800 DSCF8110-W=800 DSCF8107-W=800

With Valentine’s Day coming up, several students planned surprise gifts:


This page perhaps takes inspiration from our introductory reading of “How to Create Comics”, but promises more practical academic aid:


Now we join a 3-page cyclops story in progress:

DSCF8126-W=800 DSCF8127-W=800 DSCF8128-W=800

Here’s another multi-page walk-in-the-woods storyline that shows a young artist playing with point of view and dramatic tension:

DSCF8119-W=800 DSCF8120-W=800

(… to be continued?!?!)

Special thanks to the staff at Lisbon Regional School and at CLiF for making our work possible!


For updates from the LRS school library, visit their “CLiF at LRS” page.


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