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About: FAQ

05tos_read.jpgComics Workshop FAQ

  • What is “Comics Workshop” (or “Comics Camp”)?

    Here’s the basic idea: a group of children (and/or adults) get together to draw comics. As they draw and read each other’s work, the artists learn how to create better and better comics. In the course of the workshop, they learn about themselves, about each other, and about the world around them, too.  Comics Workshop provides an opportunity for young artists (in various groups, ages 8-18) to come together and create “comics” (as in comic books, cartoons, and so on) in an intensely creative group setting. We focus on the fine art of storytelling, with special emphasis on character development.

  • All our learning is experiential, participatory, and discovery-based, so any art instruction comes directly out of our storytelling. Whether your question is, for example, “How do I draw cool animals/heroes/robots/talking shoes?” or “How can I make my lettering more readable?”, the answer always begins with the same two ingredients:

  • How is “Comics Workshop” different from “Comics Camp?”

    Comics Camps take place during the Summer.  They’re usually one-week (5-day) day programs.

  • Comics Workshops offer year-round programs for elementary-, middle-, or high-school-age school groups and community centers. In making comics, students hone vital skills in the areas of literacy, historical research, written communication, and artistic expression… and it’s ever so FUN, too!

  • Who can do a Comics Workshop?

    Anybody! You don’t have to “know how to draw” or anything fancy like that. For instance, typical Comics Campers range from experienced and dedicated young comics creators to folks who haven’t even drawn a comic strip before — and we’re always surprised by what comes out on our pages! 

  • What do you DO at Comics Camp?

    We do all sorts of things, because everybody does comics differently. Mostly, we’ll draw and think and read (and eat and drink and breathe) comics all week long, but we’ll also get outside and play some fun games, get some exercise, and explore the environment around us… because hey, we need some inspiration for our stories, right?

  • To read more about other specialized Comics Workshops programs, check out our About: Sample Programs page.

  • Why Comics?

    “Comics” are probably the most under-valued artform in the entire world (possibly in the entire universe, but I don’t want to sound like some kind of maniac…)! Think about it — with nothing more than a few sheets of paper and a pencil (or pen or whatever), you can create complete cinematic experiences for other people. With a few little tricks and some practice, you can send your readers to the farthest stars, to the bottom of the sea, into any kind of conversation or situation or adventure or room or landscape or experience that you can imagine. In short, you can communicate your creative vision, quickly and cheaply! You don’t need any expensive education or machinery (although having a copy machine nearby helps to increase your potential audience)…  There are plenty of other answers to the question, “Why comics?” … [LINK TO BE POSTED]

    SO, with that in mind, Comics Camp and Comics Workshop both present a chance for creative people to get together and figure out new ways to tell the stories they want to tell.

    “Sounds great… tell me more!”

    For more information about Comics Camp, just email Marek!

  • You can submit your own questions as comments below.


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