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Kids, Books, and the Arts, Summer 2013


GRANT LINK: “Kids, Books, and the Arts” @ NH State Library (includes grant app + roster listings)

See the COMICS CALENDAR for complete Summer 2013 program listings.




Come explore the infinite world of graphical storytelling with cartoonist Marek Bennett! Activities include:

  • simple ways to create exciting, expressive characters
  • artistic techniques to “catch your reader’s eye”
  • practice drawing clear, dynamic comics that hold your readers’ attention.
  • get feedback from readers (& other artists!), and use that feedback to revise and organize your project so you can…
  • self-publish your story as a mini-comic!

Each participant creates an original cast of characters with one or more completed pages of an original comic. (Depending on the group and schedule, we may be able to create a mini-comics anthology containing artwork from the whole class, and publish a copy for each participant to take home.) We all leave this workshop ready to finish issue #1 of our new comic book… (and then #2, #3, and more!) “Dig into Reading” Features for Summer 2013:

  1. Participants can contribute characters and comics to a summer-wide ongoing UNDERGROUND COMICS CAVE-WORLD, made up of environments and characters created by young artists around the state in other library comics programs. At the end of the summer, COMICS WORKSHOP will compile artwork into a single anthology (including a map of whatever our cave becomes) and make it available online on our program website.
  2. Alternative focus: “Digging into Local History” w/ Marek’s special NH history comics project, Live Free and Draw!


KBA-2013-Poster-RGB KBA-2013-Poster-GRAY
(Event date, location, notes, &c. can appear in space at bottom.)

Here’s a poster aimed at an older audience (teen+, featuring artwork from Marek’s forthcoming SLOVAKIA graphic novel):


  • Length of Program: 3-6 hours
  • Program suited for: ages 7-12 OR 11-16
  • Program can be performed: either inside or outside, but workshop works best with at least some indoor space
  • Fee: $300
    Combined fee for Comics Workshop AND Concert: $500-$600
    (*These are the KBA roster rates; we can adapt programs to fit your budget!)
  • Mileage Charge: 40-50 cents/mile
  • Additional Charges: Libraries can pre-order their own drawing materials for $1-$3 per participant [supplier links here], OR Marek will bring pens and markers to use for the event.
  • Performance Space Requirements:
    – tables
    – chairs
    – blank copier paper
    – access to photocopy machine
    – projection screen or blank wall
    – digital projector




Roots Music Concert:
We’re proud to present this all-ages ensemble show with special guests from several exciting NH bands! Join us for a rollicking, howl-raising, sing-along tour of various “roots” music traditions from around the country and the world. Learn about fiddle tunes, musical games and dances, ballads and story songs, and ways that people have kept these ancient cultures alive (and changing) through the centuries.

Underground theme songs include:

  • Scraping Up Sand at the Bottom of the Sea
  • I Wish I was a Mole in the Ground
  • Drill Ye Tarriers Drill
  • …and many other favorites from sources such as Ruth Crawford Seeger, Harry Smith and regional oral traditions.

We’ll also “dig into” some unusual musical instruments, as we invite audience members to join the band and learn to play a song or two on percussion, mountain dulcimers, banjo, ukulele and more!

Our ensemble includes members of the following bands:



  • Length of Program: 45-90 minutes
  • Program suited for: ages 4-18+
  • Program can be performed: either inside or outside
  • Fee: $300-$450 (depending on size of band: 1-5 musicians)
    (*These are the KBA roster rates; we can adapt programs to fit your budget!)
  • Mileage Charge: 40-50 cents/mile
  • Performance Space Requirements:
    – Chairs arranged in audience position OR in a circle around performance space.  We play all acoustic instruments, so we like to get close up to our audience!
    – Alternative: Display paper & easel, for singing+drawing games




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