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ARCHIVE: Comics Calendar 2013

2013 Programs:

  • 22-26 April (Mon-Fri)
    Rochester, Dover ~ Rochester & Dover Community Partners
    Vacation Week COMICS CAMP
  • 1 May (Wed)
    Rochester, Dover ~ Rochester & Dover Community Partners
    Teacher Training Workshop
  • 4 May (Sunday)
    Rochester, NH

     COMICS WORKSHOP student artwork available!  Look for our table in Artist Alley…
  • 15 May (Wed)
    Plymouth NH ~ Pease Public Library

    DRAWING FROM THE PAST: Exploring community & history with comics!

    For teachers, librarians, historical societies, comics lovers, history enthusiasts, &c. …
  • 19 May (Sunday)
    Portland, ME
    Maine Comics Art Festival
     (Tabling with the Trees and Hills Comics Group)
  • 9 June (Sunday)
    Manchester, NH ~ Springfield College
    Adult Ed Writing Class


  • Visiting libraries around NH
    with NH State Library’s
    “Kids, Books, & the Arts” program!

  • 2 July (Tuesday)
    Hancock, NH ~ Hancock Town Library
    1-4:00 pm = “Dig Into Comics” Workshop (ages 8-13)
    [pre-register @ library]
  • 6 July (Saturday)
    Keene, NH ~ Keene Public Library
    10am-1pm = “Live Free And Draw” Family Comics Workshop — Join us to create original comics based on stories from Keene’s rich history! (PART 1 of 2; also see 3 AUGUST listing…)
  • 8-12 July (Monday-Friday)
    Alstead, NH ~ The Orchard School
    time TBA / Ages: TBA
    Full-day weeklong intensive comics creation boot camp!  Finish an entire original mini-comic from character design to page creation to final touches, then self-publish it (with help from your classmates) and release it at our Friday afternoon Comics Convention.
  • 13 July (Saturday)
    White River Junction, VT ~ Center for Cartoon Studies

  • 18 July (Thursday)
    Durham, NH ~ Durham Public Library
    6-8pm / DIG INTO COMICS! Teen Workshop
    In collaboration with Durham Public LibraryLee Public Library, & Madbury Public Library.  (Pre-register @ any of the host libraries)
  • 19 July (Friday)
    Wellesley, MA ~ Wellesley Free Library (Washington St. Branch)
    2-5pm / COMICS WORKSHOP for TEENS (Ages 11+) = Come explore the infinite world of graphic storytelling with NH cartoonist and educator Marek Bennett (www.MarekBennett.com)!  Whether you draw stick figures or elaborate manga epics, this workshop guides you through the basic techniques you can use to produce your own original self-published mini-comics, from character design to panel transitions to book layout and distribution.  No arts experience necessary — Everyone can create comics!
    (Pre-register @ Wellesley Free Library)
  • 23 -26 July (Mon-Fri)
    Sandwich, NH ~ Sandwich Historical Society
    LIVE FREE AND DRAW: Summer History Comics Residency

  • 29 July + 2 August (Mon + Fri)
    Newport, NH ~ Library Arts Center
    2-day COMICS CAMP ~ Learn the basics of character design & panel-to-panel narratives on Monday, work at home during the week, and come back to self-publish your finished story on Friday. (age 9-13)
    Monday = 10:00-2:00
    Friday = 10:00-2:00 + Mini-Comics Convention @ 2:00 featuring artwork by participants… Family & friends are invited to join us & collect autographed copies of Newport’s newest mini-comics!
    Register @ the Library Arts Center (603)-863-3040
  • 30 July (Tuesday)
    Plymouth, NH ~ Pease Public Library
    4-7:00pm / DIG INTO COMICS for teens (age 11-16)
    Create the first page of your own original mini-comic!  Includes pizza dinner.
  • 31 July (Wednesday)
    Hooksett, NH ~ Hooksett Library
    6-8:00pm / DIG INTO COMICS for teens: Start your own original mini-comic!
  • 2 August (Friday)
    Grantham NH ~ Dunbar Library
    4:30-7:30pm / “DIG INTO COMICS” WORKSHOP for TWEENS (age 8-12 years)
    Refreshments included / Pre-register @ library
  • 3 August (Saturday)
    Keene, NH ~ Keene Public Library
    10am-1pm = “Live Free And Draw” Family Comics Workshop — Join us to create original comics based on stories from Keene’s rich history! (PART 2 of 2; artists who began projects at our 6 July session will have the opportunity to publish their work in mini-comics format at this 2nd session…)
  • 5 August (Monday)
    Hollis NH ~ Hollis Social Library
    10:30-1:00 = DIG INTO COMICS Workshop
  • 7 August (Wednesday)
    Harrisville, NH ~ Harrisville Public Library
    11:00 AM = Family concert w/ COLD RIVER RANTERS & FRIENDS
  • 12-16 August (Monday-Friday)
    Manchester, NH ~ Currier Art Center
    9:00 am – 3:00 pm / Ages: 10-15 yrs. / Maximum 15 students
    Come explore the infinite world of graphical storytelling! Learn to draw exciting, expressive comics with rich casts of characters to hook your readers’ attention, and then self-publish your original stories for all the world to read! Each participant creates an original mini-comic, and contributes to class feedback sessions and mini-comics. We will conclude the week with a Comics Convention for families & friends on Friday from 2-3pm! (Bring a lunch.)
  • 13 August (Tuesday)
    Wakefield, NH ~ The Little Red Schoolhouse
    Hosted by Wakefield-Brookfield Historical Society
    7:00 = Comics in World History & Culture (NHHC Program)

  • 18 August (Sunday)
    Deering, NH ~ Deering Community Church
    11:30 = = Comics in World History & Culture (NHHC Program)


FALL 2013

  • 16 November (Saturday)
    Hooksett, NH
    NHDI Team Training
  • 20 November (Wednesday)
    Concord, NH ~ NHSCA Grants Workshop
    White River Junction, VT ~ CCS Professional Practices Seminar
  • 3 December (Tuesday)
    Pittsfield, NH ~ Pittsfield Elementary School
    Artist in Residency (Intro Day)
  • 7 December (Saturday)
    Barre, VT ~ Highgate Community
    CLiF Comics Workshop (11:00-2:00)
    131207-CLiF-Highgate-ComicsWorkshop 131207-CLiF-Highgate-ComicsWorkshop

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