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ELL Comics: Holidays Around the World

Adult ELL students in a NH classroom recently spent a COMICS WORKSHOP drawing short stories about holidays in their countries of origin… The comics format gave them a chance to sequence out their ideas and share some of their culture with the class, even at a very basic level of English language experience.
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HSR Comics Exchange: Fall 2009

During our Henniker-San Ramón Comics Exchange afterschool workshops at the Henniker Community School, we’re dividing our time between comics projects and exploring the autumn landscape.
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Yucul: Student Artwork by Promotores

Students in CESESMA’s “Promotores” program drew these comics during a February class of the Henniker-San Ramón Comics Exchange in the village of Yucul (click on each comic for a full-size image):
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La Garita: Student Artwork

Here are some sample pages from our Comics Exchange class in La Garita, San Ramón, Nicaragua.  Students drew comics to give a sense of what life is like in their community (click on the image for full-size view):

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San Ramón: Casa del Niño

We´re conducting HSR Comics Exchange workshops with the Casa del Niño community center in San Ramón, Nicaragua…

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HSR Comics Exchange: New Friends, New Comics

Phase One of the Henniker-San Ramon Comics Exchange wrapped up with a meeting between the comics students of Henniker Community School and the “Planting Hope” teen delegation from Matagalpa, Nicaragua! We met each other, toured the Henniker Community School, and created some new collaborative comics pages with the theme, “Amigos/Friends.”

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HSR Comics Exchange: Developing Projects

Every Friday afternoon, we’re charging up on comics power and working on our community comics projects for the Henniker-San Ramon Comics Exchange!

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