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Comics Camp 2012 at The Orchard School

Here are some photos & artwork from last week’s Comics Camp at The Orchard School (East Alstead, NH):

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POSTER: Multiple Intelligences in Comics Ed

HI — I no longer update this page ~ but “MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES in COMICS ED” is available at my NEW COMICS WORKSHOP site HERE >>… ~ Marek

Psst!  Teachers!  You might appreciate this:
“CURRICULUM COMICS #4: Multiple Intelligences”
(a comic book by my friend Andrew Wales)

Keene: KPL Comics Convention

Quick photos from Thursday’s Comics Convention at Keene Public Library, where young artists & their families enjoy our newest mini-comics:
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GraniteCon 2009

GraniteCon 2009 brought a number of strange encounters; below, a rare behind-the-table sighting of Greg Moutafis and Chewbacca together (sort of), and Manchester op-ed cartoonist Peter Noonan does his best to ignore the droid-play behind him:

Visitors to our Comics Workshop table assembled their own instructional mini-comics, and collaborated on our annual GraniteCon Comics Jam.  These two young artists recruited a biker scout to model for them!

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ArtsALIVE 2008: Comics Workshop Comes to Dover, NH

Here are some photos from today’s Comics Workshop booth at ArtsALIVE-Dover:

Blake Parker helps out a young artist!

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GraniteCon 2008: "Random Pig Vs. Mustache Girl"

Here’s an excerpt from one of our longer comics jams at GraniteCon 2008.  I like how the participants of ALL ages and backgrounds kept giving each other strange plot twists to develop:


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GraniteCon 2008: "Robotime"

Here’s our odd little off-the-cuff “Robotime” jam from GraniteCon 2008 (click on each panel to enlarge and read):

080518-robotime-1.jpg 080518-robotime-2.jpg 080518-robotime-3.jpg
 080518-robotime-4.jpg 080518-robotime-5.jpg 080518-robotime-6.jpg

I suspect we were somewhat influenced by the art of NH artist Scott Wegener at the table across the way!