Currier Museum Family Day: More Photos

Tammy Smith (of Elite Photography) sent in a few more photos she took during the Currier Center’s Family Day on April 6:

IMG_8559.JPG IMG_8560.JPG 
IMG_8561.JPG IMG_8572-crop.jpg

Thanks, Tammy!

Currier Museum Family Day: "Shark Patrol"

The Currier Museum‘s Family Day featured a hands-on wall-mounted all-ages Comics Jam this Sunday!  The atmosphere was rockin’, with the Toe-Jam Puppet Band pounding out rock classics in the gallery overhead and throngs of kids and parents milling about making artwork and munching on fruit and chocolate-dipped marshmallows…


Using standard Comics Workshop tools, participants took turns Read the rest of this entry »

Comics Workshop: Family Comics

DSCN2529.JPG DSCN2556.JPG DSCN2558.JPG 080315-cac-sienna-8detail.jpg

This next Family Comics Workshop followed up on our February session at the  Currier Art Center.  A new group of families created their own original comics stories, blending autobiography, imagination, exaggeration, and outright fun into four complete new mini-comics. Read the rest of this entry »

"At the Currier, comics aren't just for kids" (Manchester Daily Express)

DSCN2040.JPGThursday’s Manchester Daily Express ran a profile of the Currier Art Center’s Family Comics Workshops.  (See page 4 of the February 28 weekly issue!)

[Read the original February 16 Family Comics Workshop post]

Comics Workshop: Family Comics

On this bright and chilly Saturday afternoon, Manchester area families gathered at the Currier Art Center to plan, draw, and publish their own original comic books.


Read the rest of this entry »

Comics Workshop: Stick Figure World


This workshop explored the narrative and collaborative potential of your friendly neighborhood stick figures! 

Students jump-started their imaginations by turning everyday shapes and squiggles into mysterious, meaningful characters and objects.  Then we took those characters and objects and wove them together into an enormous collaborative map of our imaginary “Stick Town.”  Read the rest of this entry »


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