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La Hermandad: Mirando el Futuro / Looking at the Future

Children of coffee laborers at La Hermandad coffee plantation (San Ramon, Nicaragua) ask (and draw) the powerful question, “What do I want to be in the future?”


Here’s another project we’ve been working on at La HermandadCoffee Camp:

DSCF7529+ (800x625)

Students are planning out their dreams for the future, and then

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Constitutional Comics (by Melissa McHugh)

130923 pg 1 Melissa - DETAIL

Check out this cool comics interpretation of the preamble of the US Constitution, sent in by student teacher Melissa McHugh Read the rest of this entry »

Something to think about…

Especially for all you teachers out there:

Intersection {(Hard Work),(Fun)} = [COMICS]



Multiple Intelligences & Comics Education (Online + Printable)

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NH Constitution: Article 83

Article 83 of the NH Constitution addresses literature & the arts in education (as well as corporations, trade, monopolies & other items).   This comics adaptation presents the first half of the article.  Please post it in your classroom, & share it with your friends & state legislators!
See also: Full text of HB 39, which in 2011 attempted to REMOVE arts & other subjects from the required public school curriculum!)

Downloads: ~ small JPG (online use) ~ large JPG (online or print use) ~ Fullsize PDF (print use)

NOTE: Permission is granted to distribute these comics for educational & advocacy purposes, as long as you maintain the copyright notice & credit Marek Bennett, with a link to www.marekbennett.com from any online use.

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Keene State College: Comics Camp Con 2008

We had a good crowd of family, friends, and fans at our second annual Keene State College “Kids On Campus” Comics Camp Mini-Comics Convention.  (That’s KSC-KOC-CCMCC for short!)


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GraniteCon 2008: A New Hope in the Heart of the Empire


Whoa… I “tabled” today at the GraniteCon 2008 in Manchester!  This was the first convention I’ve ever been to where the doors were guarded by actual Imperial Stormtroopers (in full battle gear)!  Undaunted, the Comics Workshop table helped convention visitors, fans, parents, and artists alike to cover the walls (and doors) of the convention center with original, collaborative comics… and in the process, maybe we even took a few more steps toward the dream of Galactic Peace. Read the rest of this entry »