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Art by Shelby HamelJapanese Culture & History in Manga 

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UNIT OVERVIEW: Students learn about important eras and themes in Japanese history by focused study of manga styles, genres, and story elements.  Students then create original manga-style comics to demonstrate their understanding of a specific historical period and theme.

Useful Manga (& Related Western) Titles

Titles to Evaluate:

Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Links covernausicaa1.jpg

General Manga Links

Japanese Historical Connections

Manga Scholarly Articles & Review Sites

Manga (& Japanese Culture) in the News

Unit Planning

Sample topics and materials for each week of a MANGA residency:

    Intro to Nausicaa: Setting / Characters / Basic techniques of reading manga History of Manga: Influences in Japanese art history (PEM) (MFA) Historical Manga Woodblock prints in the MIT Collection: Western Industry / Russo-Japanese War / Perry: Encounters / Perry: Demon Ship / Perry: Portraits / Perry: The Black Ship Scroll
    Samurai history Themes: Honor & Duty / Government & Militarism / War & Society / Environmental Awareness
    Techniques of manga Introduce Japanese fairy tale projects Manga genres + styles
    Working on projects Special focus topics: panel transitions / page composition

2 Comments on “Manga”

  1. Christy Blair says:

    HIIIIII! (sorry, i have had a LOT of sugar today.) I have read this page several times and it has come to my attention that Barefoot Gen doesn’t have a genre title, although I am assuming it is a shonen manga by the looks of it. Hope to see you at comics camp again this summer (I have been going for 2 years now. My first year I wrote a comic about a cat at the Humane Society named Truffles where a non-existent cat named Fifi was the antagonist. Last year I wrote/drew a comic called Niyasha. It had no dialogue, but it had sound effects. I forgot to fix the word crackle on the first page from cracle to crackle….if that helps you remember who I am….. or if it doesn’t that’s completely okay too.) Well, this post started out to be about Barefoot Gen and quickly escalated into a rant about comics camp, but whatever. Hope to see you at comics camp this year! ^_^

  2. Christy Blair says:

    I just noticed that after writing that paragraph that I said “Hope to see you at comics camp this year!” twice. Sorry. ^_^

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