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* Zines are self-published booklets about any topic you can imagine. (The name comes from the last syllable of the word “magazine.”) They’re part of the D.I.Y. (“Do It Yourself”) movement. They combine writing, comics, artwork, sampling, photocopy-craft, bookbinding, and other skills to produce uniquely expressive and personal publications. Like comics, they’re hard work AND they’re incredibly fun to produce.


Put your imagination into print and on the web!

Drawing comics is a lot of fun and hard work… and so is publishing them, either on paper or online.  Most working cartoonists nowadays have websites where they can share their work and ideas with readers, editors, and other artists.

Here are some online resources for making and publishing your own comics and zines*:


Blog & Homepage Sites:

Resources for Making Comics:

Resources for Zines, D.I.Y. projects, and more:


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