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Constitutional Comics (by Melissa McHugh)

130923 pg 1 Melissa - DETAIL

Check out this cool comics interpretation of the preamble of the US Constitution, sent in by student teacher Melissa McHugh Read the rest of this entry »


Sandwich, NH: Junior Historians Comics Camp

Our team of Junior Historians are hard at work drawing comics from local history topics & primary sources at Sandwich, NH this week.  Here are a couple of field trip sites we visited while researching our comics projects:

Our projects include comics drawn from the Weed Family Letters, Sandwich’s famous Niobe statue (and her fall from the Great Wall…), Native American activities in pre-Sandwich times, and the relationships of several “spinster” Sandwich women who worked in the mills at Lowell and maintained their financial & personal independence throughout their lives…

Stay tuned for comics at LIVE FREE AND DRAW! 

Open Studio + Workshops @ Hopkinton Town Library

Thanks to Hopkinton Town Library for hosting our Open Studio + Workshop day last weekend:


ABOVE: Participants of all ages worked Read the rest of this entry »

Poe Comics @ NH Libraries

Here’s a seasonal comic completed during recent library workshops, drawn from a ghastly poem by Edgar Allan Poe:

The Trees & Hills Comics Group puts out an annual Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Comics offering; although we completed this one too late for 2012’s deadline, perhaps it will come back to life in 2013…?

Conservation Comics: “Reuse and Recycle Paper”

Here’s a video of a conservation-themed mini-comic reading by Heather (and friends) at New Boston:

New Boston: Conservation Comics

Fifth graders at New Boston Central School are drawing comics about important conservation topics, using scientific data and vocabulary to advocate awareness and change on various issues, from endangered species to alternative energy!  Here are some sneak peeks at their pages-in-progress:


POSTER: Multiple Intelligences in Comics Ed

HI — I no longer update this page ~ but “MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES in COMICS ED” is available at my NEW COMICS WORKSHOP site HERE >>… ~ Marek

Psst!  Teachers!  You might appreciate this:
“CURRICULUM COMICS #4: Multiple Intelligences”
(a comic book by my friend Andrew Wales)